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In A Single Instant, A Cat Manages To Destroy 18 Eggs

This cat would win every medal if knocking stuff off of countertops was an Olympic event.

Despite this, he makes it appear so simple.


Footage of the deviously destructive cat in action has surfaced.

He’s spotted sitting on a counter at a store near a case of 18 eggs. Things change oh-so-quickly, even if it appears to be a peaceful and calm scene at first. That is guaranteed by the cat.

The cat manages to send all the eggs tumbling to the floor with one silly movement of his body.


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♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Surprisingly, why cats love knocking things off tables is a matter of debate among feline specialists, who all have their own views. However, it’s possible that it wasn’t done on purpose in this situation.

The mess he left behind, on the other hand, was genuine in any case.