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Returning Home With A New Dog And A Goat Friend

Kyle Krier claimed his family’s black Labrador, Bo, bolted from the house earlier this month after his wife, Lauren, let him out to use the toilet.

The Kriers believed they’d never see Bo again when he ran away from their house in Concordia, Kansas, but he returned the next day with two new companions.

The next day, Laura Krier received a call from someone who said they had spotted Bo frolicking about the countryside with another dog and a goat 6 miles distant.

Someone had just almost struck a black lab, a white lab, and a goat on the road, according to my wife. My wife informed me of the situation, and I immediately recognized our dog. I immediately left work. On the east side of the highway, I observed the team working in a cut bean field.

Ozzy and Libby are the names of the Kriers’ next-door neighbors, Chris and Shawna Huggans.