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“Nong Manee,” Who Travels Everywhere, Is Usually Greeted As If He Were A Dog

I feel that many cat owners desire to have a cute cat, and they want the cat to eat a lot so that it is totally fat. If the cat is loved and cared for as if it were a genuine kid, if it has a lovely and loving personality, it may make our cat slaves unbearably cute.

Credits: Nung Manee

Nung Manee, a Facebook member, commented to the cat slave group: Who claimed Lao was a dog? Let’s speak about it! The cat in this photo has big white hair and, from a distance, it appears to be a dog.

Credits: Nung Manee

It would be extremely harmonic if a tall, large, fat cat stood next to the dog. She stated that she took her boss for a walk outdoors to appreciate the scenery. And when the neighbor next door saw the enormous cat, he was taken aback as to why the cat was so large.

Credits: Nung Manee

When the cat heard that a human had come to tell him that he was a dog, he stuck out his tongue and made a face at that human. In conversation, I would describe a person as a cat. Don’t ever call Lao a dog again. The tale quickly went popular on the internet, with many people remarking that she was nearly no longer a cat. It almost looks like a genuine dog.