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An 83-Year-Old Woman Had Fallen Down A Ravine, And A Cat Led A Rescue Team To Her

Normally, dogs are the ones who get recognized for their bravery. It’s now the turn of the cat.

An 83-year-old woman who had fallen into a ravine in Cornwall, England, was located and rescued thanks to one furious feline. Piran, her black cat, had been mewing nonstop at the spot where she’d fallen, leading a neighbor who was assisting search workers directly to her.

Do you think your cat likes you or only tolerates you?

Do you think your cat likes you or only tolerates you?
Members of the search team are now referring to the cat as a hero.


“It may have been hours later that I or anybody else would have looked there if the cat hadn’t been waiting at the gate to that field,” the neighbor, Tamar Longmuir, told Sky News.

Normally, black cats are associated with ill luck, but the conditions over the weekend couldn’t have been more favorable. According to police, the woman survived a 70-foot fall into a deep gully in a cornfield near her home. Rescuers were able to locate her thanks to her cat’s persistent cry, lift her up on a stretcher, and transport her to the hospital in “stable condition.”

In a Facebook post, police wrote, “Piran the cat saved the day.”

And what did the cat earn in return for his bravery? Longmuir, according to a remark, has had lots of goodies.

Josie Fischels is a News Desk intern at NPR.