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Locals In Alaska Have Dubbed A Ten-Stone Overweight Polar Bear “Fat Albert”

They say a camera adds 10 pounds, therefore this polar bear must have a few cameras on him, because these photos add ten stone to his already chubby frame.

Locals have dubbed the bear “Fat Albert” because he is extremely overweight, weighing about 107 stone – a full human’s weight.

The normal polar bear should weigh approximately 450 kilograms (71 kg), yet Fat Albert weighs in around 679 kilograms.

Credit: Media Drum World

I hear you asking, “How did Fat Albert grow so fat?” Locals in Albert’s hometown of Katovik, Alaska, USA, bring enormous pieces of whale fat over for the bears to find as a means of’showing respect’ to the creatures. And Albert seemed to have had more than his fair share.

Fat Albert’s photos were taken by professional photographer Edward Boudreau, who said:

The people had recently harvested a whale, and they chopped a huge chunk of meat and blubber from it before hauling it four miles out of town for the bears to locate.

There are two explanations for this. First, it prevents bears from approaching the harvest and interrupting the process; you don’t want twenty or more full-size Polar Bears rushing towards you, hungry.

The second reason is because the people are paying honor to the bear, as they have done for hundreds of years, by offering them the respect they deserve.

If the community is unable to capture a whale, the bears will have to wait until the sea freezes over before hunting seals.

Credit: Media Drum World

It appears to be a win-win situation.

While Fat Albert is extremely obese, he is not a world record holder. Fat Albert still has a long way to go after the largest polar bear in history weighed in at 2,209 pounds (157.7 stone, 1,001kg) in 1960.