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Cat Is Overjoyed When A Woman Returns To Rescue Him After A Life On The Streets

For quite some time, a tabby cat has been spotted prowling the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Gissell (@pawsofhopenyc), a NYCCC volunteer, went to find him and provide him some food.

Credit: Gissell @pawsofhopenyc

She saw the cat snuggled up in front of a homeless shelter when she arrived. The tabby awoke to her voice and approached her for petting. He was incredibly nice and only wanted to be noticed.

Gissell recognized straight away that he didn’t belong on the street and launched a rescue operation to place him in a foster family.

Credit: Gissell @pawsofhopenyc

When she returned to the same location with a humane trap and additional food, she didn’t see the cat at first.

She called the tabby, and he rushed over, as if he was thrilled to see an old friend. “I’m come to pick you up today. Today is your lucky day. You’ve had enough of waiting, “Gissell addressed the tabby cat.

Credit: Gissell @pawsofhopenyc

She took him home and phoned Little Wanderers NYC, a local rescue organization, for assistance.

“I’ll never pass by this shelter again and see this cat curled up in this weather,” she added. “This cat was far too friendly to be out on the street.”

Credit: Gissell @pawsofhopenyc

Little Wanderers NYC foster volunteer Melina Nastazia (@Jacksalempoppyplusfosters) came up to assist. “His rescue crew believed he was a very pregnant mom because of his size! He turns out to be a very large neutered guy “Love Meow was informed by Melina.

“He had ear mites and fleas, which we treated right away. He appears to be extremely glad to be indoors, as evidenced by his loud purrs and biscuit-making.”

Credit: Gissell @pawsofhopenyc

Crookshanks, the tabby boy, was believed to be six years old. It didn’t take long for his foster home to notice his fondness for lap time. “He enjoys burying his head in my chest or tummy for full-on hugs,” Melina said.

In this video, you can watch his rescue journey:

“He has the confidence and grace of a tiger. He adores both catnip and dinner! His favorite spot is on a lap, creating biscuits while someone rubs his neck and back.”

Credit: Gissell @pawsofhopenyc

The ex-stray likes to watch cat TV through the window and knead on whatever soft blanket he can get his hands on.

“Being homeless on the streets of Brooklyn is no walk in the park, especially as winter approaches. He’s a doll, and he’s eager to fall in love “NYC’s Little Wanderers wrote.

Credit: Gissell @pawsofhopenyc

The lovely tabby is no longer in need of food or shelter.

He’s more than eager to find a home of his own and spend lap time with a caring family.

Credit: Gissell @pawsofhopenyc