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The Eternal Bond of Cats and Women Is Perfectly Illustrated in Vintage Photos

Alice Maddicott, author of Cat People: An Exploration of Feline Friendships and Lingering Superstitions, compiled this amazing collection of pictures of women and their cats. It appears to be the perfect book for any “Crazy Cat Lady,” as a cat lover.

Alice, a writer, educator, and artist from Somerset, England, was able to portray the spirit of the era and the relationship between women and their feline companions via her meticulous selecting process. Those who adore cats completely understand; you can spot a fellow cat lover even in a vintage photograph.

Alice admits, “I became a cat lady the instant I was hit with a thud of love I’d never imagined a creature could create.” “I never saw myself as a cat woman, but the oddest thing is that it is something you can become,” she says.

“The second cat is easy to notice; he blends into the white of her flowery frock, next to his friend’s tabby stripes.”

“Girl and cat are the spirit and soul of this image — her joy is infectious.”

“A mother sits, her daughter stands, and the curve of her arms binds them together. The cat has been snatched to create a triptych – their small family – a tangle of curves.”

“Look at me and Mary,” he adds. “We are one, and you will never be able to separate us.”

“Rosalind removes Marmalade, her darling patient, from the pram.”

“There are some aches and pains that only cats can alleviate.”

“Any threat is no match for the invisible ribbons that link her and Sadie. She is not going to abandon her.”

“He’s wrapped in arms, she frames him, a lovely portrayal of ideal adolescent dreaminess, when the world seemed big and rich and there for the taking.”

“The kitten she is holding is Gretel, and her brother Hansel is somewhere else.”

“This isn’t their first Christmas together, and they pose by the twinkling tree every year.”

“That might be a rip from wicked claws and fangs on her clothing around her shoulder.”

“She’s smiling, but it’s her affection for her cat that shines through. She properly hugs him.”