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Kitten with Thumbs Found Love in Giant Dog Who Raised Him Into the Cuddliest Cat.

A tiny kitten was brought into an emergency vet hospital in need of someone to love. A man who works there took him home, and soon after, the little kitty found love in a fluffy gentle giant.

Meet Skywalker!

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

It was May when little Skywalker was surrendered to the vet hospital. He was around three weeks old and less than a pound.

Kim Downie’s husband who works at the hospital, brought the tiny feline home. Right away, their Golden Retriever Dog, Mojito, took to the kitten and started giving him love.

“She went right to giving him kisses. Luckily, he didn’t mind. He loved cuddling with her right away,” Kim told Love Meow.

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Mojito quickly took on the role of a mother, cleaning, snuggling with him, and making sure that he would never be alone.

Little Skywalker was introduced to Bird TV for the first time!

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Before they met, Mojito bonded with another cat named Vader. She would follow the kitty around the house until Vader caved in and let her bathe and love him.

Now Mojito is thrilled to have Skywalker to be her new constant cuddly friend.

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Skywalker loves his Canine mama and doesn’t mind the constant affection.

“I do think sometimes he thinks she’s his mommy. Mojito is very loving. She’s a therapy dog and absolutely loves doing her visits. Skywalker is just super goofy,” Kim told Love Meow.

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Mojito is very protective of her kitten.

She keeps him in her arms all the time.

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

She bathes him and cares for him like a mother would.

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Skywalker never naps alone.

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

As Skywalker grew bigger, their bond only got stronger.

Look at that big thumb!

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

One of their favorite pastimes is to watch Bird TV together.

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Nap time equals cuddle time.

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Mojito has a lot of love to give. When she spots an animal or human in need, she runs to their rescue, licks their face and holds them with her paws.

Skywalker adores his Canine Mama and can’t get enough of her love.

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

It’s been seven months since they found each other. The two buddies are totally inseparable.

When Skywalker was three months old…

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Skywalker and Mojito now!

“Some things never change (except his size!).”

Kim Downie @mojito_rose

Play time!

Skywalk loves attention 🙂

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